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Keyboard Shortcuts (for windows)

  • Copy: ctrl+c
  • Paste: ctrl+p
  • Cut: ctrl+x
  • Undo: ctrl+z
  • Redo: ctrl+y

Favorite Orders

Huge time saver if you know how to structure them

  • First start in Orders and right click on the yellow favorites star
  • Select organize favorites

Shortcut 1.1

- Create a new folder called “Home” and then close this subwindow

Shortcut 1.2

- Click the yellow favorites star. Right click on the new home folder you just made and “set as home folder”

Shortcut 1.3

- Now, type in the orders box and find “CBC w/diff AM Draw (Inpatient Only).” Right click on the lab in the order confirmation screen and “Add to favorites”

Shortcut 1.4

- The Screen below should pop up. Save this lab in a New Folder called "AM Labs"

Shortcut 1.5

- Now do this with all the labs below.

Shortcut 1.6

- Now, any time you open your orders, these labs will be the first thing that pop up saving you multiple clicks per day.
- This can be utilized to save almost anything, from powerplans to specific orders/medications.

Signing Documents/Attending Names

  • If you can't find your physician's name (like how there are 2 David Adkins), you can select the "Recent" tab as shown below and their name should be there (See the blue check?).