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How to Search Efficiently Online

Here's a guide that showcase many usefull search operators that you can use to search things online more efficiently.

Add a - before the word to exclude.

dolphins -football

You'll get animals, not a football team.

If You Want Synonyms in the Result

Add a ~ before the word if you want synonyms.

music ~classes

Here you'll get music classes, lessons, coaching, etc.

Search Within a Specific Website

How to search inside a specific website →

How to do that

Or and |

How to use OR while searching ? → OR or |

Netflix | Prime <=> Netflix OR Prime

Search Within Two Number Ranges

How to search within a range ? → 1993..2000

Movies 1993..2000

How to search inside a specific location only ? → location:Charleston

Weather alert location:Charleston

Filter by File Type

How to search for a specific filetype ? → filetype:pdf

ACC Heart Failure Guidelines filetype:pdf

Searching for Exact Words

How to search for instances of a word? → "word"

"Tom Brady" football player

Gives you the results with the full name exactly as is, not just the first or last one.

Eliminate Sites That Flood the Results

Want to get rid of sites that flood the results? → -site:pinterest.*


No results should have pinterest in the domain name. Does not exclude sites that include pintrest in the their name.