Patient Instructions

“Drop a lil' knowledge on 'em”

  1. Patient Instructions/Follow-Ups/Education
    • Navigate to the Inpatient Workflow Discharge Platinum and select the “Patient Instructions”
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    • The instructions can be done multiple ways and as long as you communicate to the patient what needs to be done, you can do this as you like. I utilize the Uptodate method to break it down into simple easy to digest steps. I then saved it as a dotphrase .jsdischargeinstructions
      • Just make sure to save this field as it will autopopulate into your Discharge summary
      • Anywhere within the Instructions field, press Ctrl + A, then Ctrl + C
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    • Make sure to complete the Follow-ups and Patient education on the same page as you go
      • Follow-ups are typically with the patient’s PCP, generally I have them follow up within a few days to 10 days depending on the condition.
        • Option 1) Patient’s PCP is a random person somewhere else
          • It is not required, but encouraged to notify them about their patient needing a follow up
        • Option 2) Patient is established with Dr. Aman, Dr. Hadley, Dr. John, Dr. Durden, or Dr. Griffith
          • You will need to Select “Communicate and Message” at the top of the page to create a new message for their clinic
          • To do so:
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      • Send this message
        • Option 3) Patient is OPCC Resident’s patient
          • Same process as above but will select “MEM Outpatient Care Center – TCM” as the message recipient
        • NOTE: Do not schedule TCM visits if the patient is going to a SNF
      • Patient Education is to be selected based on relevance to their condition
        • Ex. Pt admitted for AECOPD could be given information on signs and symptoms of COPD exacerbation or the ALA’s information on grading their COPD exacerbation severity