• Transfers (Accepting team)
    1. Like admitting a patient, but slightly less work as the patient has already been on another service, such as the ICU, but not always the case cough cough surgery cough a. Do not make the type "Transfer Note" you are unable to see this note when you do this
    2. Transfer Note (To Med Service) a. Type: Internal Medicine Progress Note b. Note Template: Progress/SOAP Note - Brief c. Title: "CAMC IM Transfer Note"
    3. Update Excel List Online
  • Transfers (Releasing team)
    1. If you are on the ICU and you are transferring a patient to the medicine service, contact the medicine service senior or MAO to transfer the patient
    2. Other than a standard progress note, no extra note needs to be written if you are the "discharging" team
    3. If you are on the medicine service and transferring to the ICU, a short progress note about the patient's decompensation should be written.
      • The ICU team will write an ICU Admission note rather than transfer note because it's special