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"That sign can’t stop me because I can’t read"

General (Important)

  • Email Tutorial: Microsoft Office/Outlook/OneDrive/SharePoint
  • See the CAMC Staff Handbook and Resident Orientation & Benefits books located in the Intern Guide folder for more information on the Basics of CAMC
    • Rotation Curriculum Guides
  • Work/Call Schedules
    • Accessed via AMION and can be downloaded to your calendar
    • Morning Report/Didactic Calendar
  • Duty Hours
    • Unfortunately, Very High Yield
    • New Innovations
      • Where your onboarding was completed, where you will be logging you duty hours, signing into lecture, seeing your block schedule, completing evaluations and curriculum reviews
      • Duty Hour Tutorial: Logging Duty Hours on New Innovations
      • High Points:
        • Must be logged every 72 hours per CAMC
          • You will get emails if you forget or don’t log them
            • You will then get a text from Katie to log them
              • Then people get mad (So just do them)

General (Slightly Less Important)

  • Advisors
    • Resident Advisor: Should have already texted/called/emailed you, text katie if they haven't
    • Faculty Advisor:
      • Assigned by Dr. Helmick, may be changed if you vibe with another attending and they’re ok with it
      • Mandatory meetings at 3 months, 6 months and 1 year
        • Time for feedback/ITE scores/Learning Plan
  • Call Rooms
    • See Day-to-Day on the Medicine Service
    • “Lockers are available in resident work areas for use. To receive a locker assignment and lock, a resident should contact the GME office. Assigned locks must be used. Lockers, per CAMC policy, are subject to inspection. “– CAMC Staff Handbook
  • Calling/Phone
    • When in doubt, Dial “0” on any phone in the hospital
      • Links you to the operator who can direct you to the appropriate phone
      • Say who you are and where you’re calling from and where you’re trying to reach
        • Ex. “This is doctor Straley with the medicine service, could you connect me with inpatient pharmacy at memorial please”
  • AMS Connect
    • Most providers and almost all residents use AMS connect (how to)
      • Pages are sent both to your pager and AMS, Messages are only on AMS
    • Please see Onboarding to ensure your AMS is set up to receive messages.
  • Sick Days
    • See Leave Policy - 2022 in the resident drive for more information
      • “The resident calling in sick must notify their Attending and then send email to include Chiefs, Program Coordinator and Program Director/Associate Program Directors” - CAMC Staff Handbook
    • If Additional coverage needed:
      • A clinic resident may be considered, and patients redistributed (M-Fr)
  • Questions?
    • Follow the ladder:
      • Senior -> Chief -> Attending -> Campbell/Anees
    • Katie Scott is also very helpful for almost everything you could need